The Koran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad

E-book (268 pages)

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Biography for the whole family based on the Koran and the first Islamic accounts of the prophet Muhammad’s life. It tells of the time before the prophet’s birth, his upbringing and prophetic calling. The migration from Mecca to Medina became a turning point in Muhammad’s life and world history. Muhammad founded his new religion there and the biography traces his life as the head of the family, statesman and military commander.
“The moment Amina conceived Muhammad it was as if she were in another world. In an extraordinarily bright burst of light, she saw the castles in Busra in Syria, many days’ journey away. And all the camels in and around Mecca whispered to one another that a future leader had been conceived.
Whilst she was pregnant, Amina heard a voice saying: ”You are carrying the ruler of your people, call him Muhammad.”
And when Muhammad was born, the Shah of Persia’s palace shook. The holy fire, which had burnt for thousands of years, was suddenly extinguished. And in a vision, the Persians’ highest priest saw camels bolting, racing wildly followed by Arab horses.
In Medina, one of the Jews shouted from the highest tower of a fort: ”Tonight a star has risen in the sky and beneath it Muhammad has been born!””